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Gl Duke 3d By Justin Marshall

Web site by Justin Marshall and Jeremy Tispouras



Picture of IceColdDuke.(Justin Marshall)

GlDuke 0.30 Has been released and Source Code!

Get it here:

glDuke v0.30 Release
0.30 Patch -- Whats New
Added a ingame menu, like in real Duke!

Source Code for this release has been posted! Get it!


0.29b released!

Our offical forums is:

**Check this out**

Check out MattH's site.  He is doing a port of the Build Program.  Still
in it's early stages, but it is very hopefull.

**New Version 0.28b available!**

This is the temperay website for GLDuke.

All files for GLDuke are here.  GlDuke requires you download the MFC 7.0 libraries.

Get all the files here:

be sure to get the all of the MFC libraries.

User File Update
For those of you that are getting "missing dll" problems, even tho you have
the MFC 7.0 libraries, head over to the download section, and get the
MFC 4.0 libraries, submitted by "Cool".

You just add them to your GlDuke Directory.

Here is the version info

glduke v0.28b Release

v1.28b Patch -- Whats New

Added a new hud! Check it out!
Can pick up stuff now(weapons, ammo, etc,  but not items(like jeppack, boots, etc))
The stuff you can pick up works(i.e. you pickup ammo, you get ammo =) )

v0.27b Patch -- Whats New
Sector Colors work correctly
Sector Effector 31 works correctly -- Rising Sector
Sector Effector 4  -- Sets sector walls and cieling to
                      sprites color, no blinking lights yet
Weapon and hud art tile numbers moved to con control(see GLARTDEFS.CON)
Fixed the stadium elevator
Fixed the "falling through the football field bug" in Stadium
Stripers are now in(when you hit spacebar they all strip =) )
You can control how long the strippers "are topless", CHICKSTRIPDELAY in gluser.con. (1000 x seconds, so 5 seconds is 5000)
Fixed the bug which would inhibit doors to function properly

Ammo Pickup.
Keycards and switches to work
New Graphics Engine!

v0.26b Patch -- Whats New
Better Aiming code.
Ammo and Armour Show up in stat bar.
You can now choose your episode.
You can kill pig cops, turrets, tanks.
Fixed curtain A.I. issues.
Add outside menu code(Dialog Boxes).
Fixed a bug, that made it crash with Nuclear Winter.

Cheat Codes:
H+L = Infinite Ammo
G+H = God mode

Known Bugs:
   1. When you shoot, aimless text apears on the screen.

   2. When you die, and restart, after a few mintues you
      will crash.

   3. You can't pick up ammo(use infinite ammo cheat)

   4. When you fire the shotgun, it plays all scratchy.

v0.25b Patch -- Whats New
-All guns work

-Added code for A.I.



E-mail me with some features(you will get credit =) )

Uuuuuuu lala =)